DB22-25 Concrete pump

Secondary constructional column pump is the smallest concrete pump in China.
This pump is mainly aimed at some special construction projects or narrow space construction conditions due to the size of the equipment caused by the construction of inconvenient or difficult to complete the construction schedule and carefully designed high-tech products.


Features of concrete pump machine:

  1. S-tube distribution valve is adopted to meet the pumping of small aggregate concrete and mortar
  2. The main oil pump adopts deformed plunger pump, which has high efficiency and strong pressure.
  3. The hydraulic system adopts independent three-loop control with high reliability
  4. The glasses plate and cutting ring adopt so and quality and gold, wear resistance and long service life


Max. aggregate size30mm
conveying distanceHorizontally: 150m
Vertically: 50m
Theoretical delivery10m3/h
Theoretical pumping pressure15MPa
Delivery pipe80mm/100mm
Dimensions (L×W×H)3300*1300*1430mm
Feeding height950mm
Bore. Stroke140-650mm