LY2-10 Automatic Interlocking Brick Making Machine

Productivity : 5760 pcs/8hours
Molding cycle : 10s
Working Method : Hydraulic type
Brands :Double Birds

LY2-10 automatic clay brick making machine has been recently developed by my company according to international market demand.
It has reasonable structure, excellent performance, very easy to operate, bricks are formed very quickly.
It’s a very good automatic hydraulic¬† interlocking brick machine.
There is a PLC controller, can feed material, make brick and convey bricks automatically, using hydraulic system, the machine can make clay brick with good quality.
it suitable for making clay bricks, soil bricks, cement bricks and interlocking bricks, which can make two bricks at a time. Also the moulds can be changed so that many kind of bricks can be made with just one machine.

soil interlocking brick making machine

soil interlocking brick making machine

Technology upgrade:

ModelLY2-10 interlocking brick machine
Forming cycle10s
Pcs/mould2 pcs
Hydraulic pressure16Mpa
Brick materialClay, soil, cement, concrete, fly ash and so on.


Productivity for DB2-10 interlock bricks Machine :We added the Air cubing system. It’s has two upgrade function:
1. pick up the brick instead of pushing the brick, and avoid break the brick.
2. Blow away the burr on the brick surface to make the brick surface smoother.

 BricksBrick photoSize mm
L x W x H
Cycle TimePcs/mouldPcs/hourPcs/8hour
No.1 Brick300x150x10010s2pcs720pcs5760pcs
No.2 Brick300x150x10010s2pcs720pcs5760pcs
No.3 Brick230x220x10010s1pcs360pcs2880pcs
No.4 Brick300x150x10010s2pcs720pcs5760pcs
No.5 Brick225×112.5×8010s2pcs720pcs5760pcs
No.6 Brick300x150x10010s2pcs720pcs5760pcs
No.8 Brick300x150x10010s2pcs720pcs5760pcs
No.12 Brick300x150x10010s2pcs720pcs5760pcs
No.13 Brick300x150x10010s2pcs720pcs5760pcs