LY7-10 Earth Soil Interlock Blocks Machine Price

Model:LY7-10 Interlocking Bricks Machine

Capacity : 7pcs/10s

Brands : Double Birds


LY7-10 interlocking bricks making machine is our hot sell automatic interlocking clay soil concrete brick making machine, it suitable for making clay bricks, soil bricks, cement bricks and interlocking bricks.

7-10 soil interlocking block making machine

7-10 soil interlocking block making machine


The fully Production line for the LY7-10 interlocking bricks machine is included the soil crusher , conveyor belt , screen , mixer , 7-10 block making machine , control cabinet and so on

Features and Advantages for the earth bricks making machine

  1. LY7-10 soil earth bricks making machine can make 7pcs bricks per mould,  can make more than 20000pcs in 8hours, so the production capacity is very high, suitable for the customers who want a big capacity.
  2. LY7-10 red soil interlocking bricks machine is an automatic hydraulic brick machine which is controlled by PLC, so the machine can be easily operated by only one person.
    3. LY7-10 hydraulic automatic bricks making machine uses a electric motor to drag the CBT-E400 gear pump, double oil cylinders, the hydraulic pressure can reach 35Mpa, which can can ensure the brick density very high and brick quality very strong.
    4. Mould can be changed according to customer’s requirements.
  3. High productivity.20160 bricks per 8hours.


Technical Specifications

ModelDF7-10 interlocking brick machine
Forming cycle10s
Pcs/mould7 pcs
Hydraulic pressure35Mpa
Brick material

Clay, soil, cement, concrete, fly ash and so on.

Productivity of LY7-10 interlocking bricks machine :

Brick photoSize mm
L x W x H
Cycle TimePcs/mouldPcs/hourPcs/8hour
No.1 Brick300x150x10010s7pcs2520pcs20160pcs
No.2 Brick300x150x10010s7pcs2520pcs20160pcs
No.3 Brick230x220x10010s4pcs1440pcs11520pcs
No.4 Brick300x150x10010s7pcs2520pcs20160pcs
No.5 Brick225×112.5×8010s7pcs2520pcs20160pcs
No.6 Brick300x150x10010s7pcs2520pcs20160pcs
No.8 Brick300x150x10010s7pcs2520pcs20160pcs
No.12 Brick300x150x10010s7pcs2520pcs20160pcs
No.13 Brick300x150x10010s7pcs2520pcs20160pcs


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