QT12-15 Hydraulic Automatic Concrete Bricks Machine for sales

Model: QT12-15

Forming Cycle :15-20s/times

PLC intelligent Control 


Feature of QT12-15 Hydraulic Automatic Concrete Bricks Machine for sales:

1.Particular storage and discerption material system insure the feeding accuracy and avoiding the effect of exterior material,so the products have high density

2.adopting synchronization vibration insures the products making average,the frequency can change according to different technical,low frequency in feeding material,high frequency vibration makes the different material to have a optional vibration way

3.the computer is of fault diagnosis system,warning signal is proptious to eliminate the fault,combine with long-distance controlling system, it can achieve scrutiny, controlling,diagnosis.


Main production specification and theoretical productivity

 ItemSpecification size(mm)Quantity per mouldCycle moldingCapacity per hourCapacity per day
Hollow brick390*190*19012/pcs20-25s1728-2160pcs11730-21000pcs
Porous block240*115*9027/pcs15-20s4860-6480pcs54000-72000pcs


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